AlloDerm Gum Grafting Washington D.C.

AlloDerm Gum Grafting Washington D.C.


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Do you have gum recession or thin gum tissue? If you’re scared of using your gum tissue, we may have a better solution for you called AlloDerm. Alloderm is a human donor tissue that is an excellent option in restoring your gum health. It can offer a wide variety of benefits at minimal pain. Come into our office in Washington D.C. to see if you’re a candidate today! 

Benefits of AlloDerm Gum Grafting 

AlloDerm is a type of gum graft that uses donated human tissue versus using your tissue from the roof of the mouth. AlloDerm is harvested skin from the epidermis and the dermis. Once placed on the treatment site, the cells then start to communicate and regrow. This natural process is the framework for tissue regeneration. AlloDerm gum grafting has a wide variety of benefits compared to the leading gum grafting surgeries. 

  1. Multiple sites or areas of the mouth can be completed all in one day. For example, the whole mouth can be treated in one sitting. Comparatively, only 7-8 teeth maximum at a time can be grafted in a connective or free tissue graft due to the amount of palatal tissue available. 
  2. Due to the roof of the mouth not being the harvested site, this increases the overall comfort for the whole procedure. When the palate is the harvest source, it increases the amount of pain or discomfort following treatment. 
  3. AlloDerm gum grafting allows the gums to become thick and healthy. This covers the root surface which decreases sensitivity and increases the esthetics and the health of the tooth that once felt elongated.


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AlloDerm Gum Recession Surgery 

AlloDerm gum grafting is a great way to fix gum recession with minimal pain. Gum recession or thin gum tissue can be caused by periodontal disease, braces, clenching or grinding your teeth, piercings, and even genetics. AlloDerm gum grafting allows the gums to naturally accept the collagen donor tissue, by forming a strong bond with the existing gum tissue present. This allows the treatment area to regrow and restore tissue. When the gum tissue is lost the supporting bone can start to decrease as well, leading to serious oral health issues. 


AlloDerm gum grafting surgery should be performed by a highly-skilled specialist such as a periodontist. When performing a gum graft, the specialist will clean the tooth thoroughly. This ensures no debris or buildup will affect the success of the gum graft. Next, a slight pouch will be made along the treatment area where the graft will be placed. This tiny pouch allows the AlloDerm to fit snugly inside to ensure a successful integration. Following treatment, recovery is very important. Although some mild pain or discomfort may be present it is imperative to not disrupt the graft site in any way. Post-Operative instructions will be given following treatment and recovery will last a week or two. 

Gum Graft Specialist Washington D.C.

When deciding to get an AlloDerm gum grafting procedure done, it is important to choose your doctor wisely. AlloDerm is a harvested tissue that has to be bought, meaning the procedure costs more than a typical gum graft. Your surgical specialist must be experienced in the technique-sensitive procedure to not waste your time or money. Additionally, the safety of your graft is preserved. For example, the donated tissue must undergo the most strenuous screening process by the American Association of Tissue Banks and FDA guidelines with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This means that your donor tissue is 100% safe and will be accepted by your body if performed correctly. However, in some cases, doctors may try to cut corners to save the patient money. This in turn can affect the safety and viability of not only the tissue graft but you. Choosing a dental specialist that has the experience, capability, and resources is very important. If you are wondering if an AlloDerm gum graft is the right option for you, visit us at District Perio in Washington D.C. Our experienced staff is waiting to help you discover a new smile today!

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