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Do you feel like you have a gummy smile or that your teeth are too short? Let a periodontal specialist easily fix this for you today! This simple procedure called esthetic crown lengthening consists of recontouring your gum line to reveal more tooth structure giving the appearance of a less gummy smile. During the procedure the periodontist will make numerous small incisions to the area’s soft tissue, separating gums from teeth to provide access to root and bone. If only one tooth needs treatment, surrounding teeth may be treated as well to ensure your teeth will appear symmetrical. It is important when performing this procedure that an appropriate or adequate amount of bone and tissue is removed. Due to this being a technique-sensitive procedure, it is important to choose the right specialist.


Before Gummy Smile


After Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile Surgery

There are two options for reducing a gummy smile, gingivectomy or crown lengthening. Gingivectomy only consists of removing and recontouring the gums. The problem is that if you have excessive gums it can only do so much, and the gums can regrow. Your periodontist would need to look at your 3D scan to see if you are a candidate for this surgery. The next option is esthetic crown lengthening, this procedure involves not only removing gum but the underlying bone too. Removing bone aids in not only the esthetic appearance of longer teeth but also prevents the gums from regrowing since the blood supply for the tissue is no longer there. In both procedures, your surgeon will be sculpting your gums and/or bone to the desired area to ensure the proper esthetic result is achieved.


Gummy Smile Before


Gummy Smile After

Gummy Smile Post-Operative Instructions

A key element to ensuring the success of your crown lengthening surgery is following your post-operative instructions meticulously. You must follow these recovery instructions so you can have the best result possible. 


Bleeding & Recovery 

Bleeding after your procedure is completely normal as well as spotty bleeding for the next few days can be expected. If bleeding does occur take a damp piece of gauze and apply firm pressure for the next ten minutes and the bleeding should subside. Recovery time differs person by person, but it tends to take around 1 week for a full recovery. During this healing time, it is very important to keep the site clean from any harmful bacteria. To aid in this warm salt-water rinses twice a day can help as well as taking your antibiotics as prescribed. Along with keeping the area clean, you must only eat soft food during the healing period. 

Gummy Smile Specialist

Choosing the right dentist is especially important to ensure the best outcome. Our dentist has years of additional training to master the art of cosmetic dentistry. Enjoy state-of-the-art facilities at an affordable price. Journey to a new smile today with District Perio in Washington D.C.