Snap-in Dentures Washington DC

Snap-in Denture

What is a snap-in denture? 

Snap-in dentures are a great alternative to traditional dentures for functionality and cosmetic improvements. Dental Implants are placed within your jawbone and become the anchor for your prosthetic denture. The dental implants are screwed into your bone, and locator abutments are attached to the top of the implants. This allows your denture to snap in like a button.  



Snap-in Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

What separates snap-in dentures from traditional dentures? The difference between these two types of dentures is stability and retention. Stability is improved because implants hold the denture in place, unlike conventional dentures held by just suction and denture adhesive. Implants allow the snap-in denture to be more functional when eating or speaking. The palate region of the traditional denture is fully covered. Snap-in dentures the palate is removed, allowing this option to feel more natural to patients. Traditional dentures tend to have a lot of frustrating factors for patients and are why patients seek alternative options. 


Traditional Denture Problems: 

  • Gagging: Due to the amount of plastic required for the denture to properly suction to the roof of the mouth, it can feel like a mouthful causing gagging. The lower denture can cause gagging, but it is not as common as a traditional upper denture. 
  • Fit: If the denture is not correctly made, the fit could be compromised. This affects the eating, speaking, and functionality of the denture. In turn, this could cause bone loss and facial changes.
  • Taste: Increased plastic can result in a loss of taste, especially in your upper denture since your palate is covered by plastic.

 Snap-In Denture Cost Washington DC

The biggest question we get is how much do snap-in dentures cost? The answer to this question is dependent on a lot of factors. For example, do you have dental insurance? Dental insurance usually will cover part and if not all of the necessary extractions. Due to a majority of dental insurance having a maximum of around $2,000, this money will go towards the total cost of your treatment. Other factors besides insurance are taken into consideration as well, such as how many teeth need to be extracted. The more teeth you have, the more it will cost to remove them. Typically, 2 to 4 implants are required to secure your denture correctly. The more implants, however, will fluctuate your overall price as well. A significant factor affecting the price is who and where you are getting your surgery performed. Specialists who have gone to school additional years, are sedation certified, and are highly trained in the art of snap-in denture procedures will be a little more expensive. This factor is a personal choice based on personal preferences. The final factor is customizations of your denture. How life-like do you want your denture to look? The more natural the denture looks, the higher quality material is needed causing an increase in the price.