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AlloDerm Gum Grafting is the most revolutionary treatment on the market for gum recession treatment. AlloDerm uses harvested human donor tissue to aid in a more painless gum graft surgery. AlloDerm is a safe FDA-approved product that has changed the lives of many patients.

Benefits & Pain Level of AlloDerm Gum Grafting

AlloDerm is human donor tissue, differing from traditional gum grafting surgeries that use transplanted palatal tissue. Given that the grafted tissue available is not limited, multiple teeth can be gum grafted in one sitting. Additionally, since the palatal tissue is not removed, this decreases the patient’s discomfort level following treatment. Thus, beneficially with AlloDerm grafting, not only are pain levels decreased but healing time as well.

Why Fix Receding Gums?

AlloDerm Surgery

AlloDerm gum grafting surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, but it is more comfortable under sedation such as oral or intravenous. To begin, the surgical specialist will separate the gingiva or gums from the bone. This pocket-forming technique will allow the AlloDerm to fit snugly in the space provided. This bond will enable the AlloDerm to grow and remodel the treatment site. It is essential to keep in mind the goal of the surgery is to thicken the treatment area and restore blood flow to the site. Returned blood flow decreases the chances of further recession. Once the surgery is complete, the recovery process begins.

Benefits of AlloDerm

Discover how AlloDerm gum grafting can benefit you.

AlloDerm Gum Grafting Recovery & Failure

It is essential to follow the postoperative instructions during the recovery process after an AlloDerm gum grafting surgery. Taking antibiotics as prescribed aids in preventing any postoperative infections. Ensuring the area is not disturbed with unnecessary movement or excessive brushing is also imperative. Additionally, use warm salt water rinses twice a day to promote healing. Not following postoperative instructions can lead to gum grafting failure. Gum graft failure has two main reasons. First, failure typically occurs from a lack of attention to the detail of postoperative instructions. The second can be a surgical error during treatment. This is why it is imperative to choose a highly skilled surgeon in the art of gum grafting. 

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AlloDerm Gum Grafting Cost

Pricing of AlloDerm gum grafting varies by two factors. First, how many teeth are being grafted? The more teeth that need to be gum grafted means, the more the cost will increase. Additionally, who is performing the surgery? Getting the surgery performed by a highly skilled specialist with years of additional training and experience typically costs more. Deciding where to get your gum grafting procedure completed can be a daunting task; however, putting it off could end up costing more. The more recession grows, the more bone loss occurs. Gums are the vital blood supply to the bone. The bone keeps teeth securely in place. If you have a significant bone loss, you may not be a candidate for AlloDerm. Bone loss results in more complex and painful surgery, increasing the initial price. 

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Dr. Yousefi was very gentle and calming and her work helped me save a tooth. What a terrific experience, coming from someone that has struggled with dental work his whole life. I would highly recommend her!

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I highly recommend Dr. Yousefi and the team at District Perio. Dr. Yousefi is incredibly skilled and gentle. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and uses the latest technology to get the results I was seeking. Unlike many of the dentists I’ve seen in the past, Dr. Yousefi makes sure that her patients feel no pain or discomfort during the exams, cleanings, and procedures. She always thoroughly explains my treatment plans and ensures I understand them. She helped me learn the proper way to floss – it’s incredible that no one taught me before – and ensured that I have the right tools to take care of my teeth and gums. As a result, I no longer have trouble spots (bleeding gums) or some of the other issues I dealt with for years. I also appreciate that she accepts insurance.

A big plus is that Dr. Yousefi and her staff are friendly and fun to be around. She is the only dentist that I actually look forward to seeing!

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AlloDerm Gum Grafting


Benefits and Pain Level of AlloDerm Gum Grafting

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