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Tooth Extraction Specialist

Do you have a large cavity, or a fractured or broken tooth? Do you need a tooth extraction? Look no further than District Perio. Dr. Yousefi is a highly-skilled and qualified dentist in the art of dental extractions in Washington, DC. Experience a change in how you view dental extractions with her safe and gentle extraction technique.

Although trying to save our natural teeth is always the first option, sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth. For example, the baby teeth that have not erupted yet or wisdom teeth that are impacted. If you get anxiety or nervousness from the idea of extractions, sedation might be the right option for you. Sedation allows you the freedom to take a nap while your treatment is being completed.

Post-op instructions for extractions are straightforward. A soft diet for at least the first week is recommended with no little seeds or grains. These tiny particles of food can get trapped in the sockets and cause future complications. Next, pain medications are prescribed and should be taken as recommended. Using an ice pack and sleeping with your head elevated should help alleviate the swelling if swelling occurs. Finally, warm salt water rinses are strongly advised to be used twice a day to clean out any debris that could be stuck in the sockets.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to find out what the right option for your tooth extraction needs is!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Washington, DC

Do you have pain in the back of your mouth? Have you been told you need your wisdom teeth removed? Wisdom teeth are an extra set of usually four or fewer teeth that grow between 13-18. Wisdom teeth can become very painful when they are trying to grow in and cause oral health problems due to the complexity of brushing them. Getting your wisdom teeth removed at a young age is imperative because as we age, complications increase. For example, as we age, our bones get more dense or complex, increasing the difficulty of removing these teeth. This difficulty, in turn, causes your recovery to be a lot more painful due to swelling and jaw tightness.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost

Wisdom teeth cost is the most common question we get asked. Wisdom teeth cost is very dependent on the level of impaction. The level of impaction means how close to the nerve, jaw, or artery it may be. The more impacted or complicated your tooth may be to remove increases the risk and price. Price is also affected by whether you have insurance or not. If you have dental insurance, then your insurance decides the set fees you have to pay and how much they will pay of those fees. So, giving the exact cost of wisdom teeth extractions can be very difficult. However, by scheduling a consultation, our team can evaluate your smile and provide you with a detailed estimate depending on your specific needs.

Sedation is the most comfortable way to get your wisdom teeth removed, and you take a nap while your treatment is being completed. Wisdom teeth can be very complicated, which is why it is essential to choose a dental specialist who has years of experience removing wisdom teeth.

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